Mt. Morris Furinture: Family of Fine Home Furnishing Stores
Our Employees
Louis Bozzette – President, a lifetime of service, 2nd generation
Mr.B (as everyone calls him) was actually born at Mt.Morris Furniture. It would be safe to say he’s worked there ever since. Besides his family, the business is his world. Simply said, he loves what he does – and always has. Mr. B takes great pride in carrying out the traditions of his parents, Mary and Sam Bozzette who opened Mt.Morris Furniture in 1913.

Jim Stallone – Vice-President, 34 years of service, 3rd generation
Upon marrying Mary Margaret Bozzette Stallone, Jim began work at Mt.Morrris Furniture as the Accounting Manager. Soon after, he began working hand–in–hand with Louis. Together, they grew the business into what it is today.

Kristin Stallone DiProsa – Director of Marketing & Advertising, 5 years of service, 4th generation
Kristin grew up at Mt.Morris Furniture. Some of her favorite memories were playing hide–and–go–seek in the building (shhhhh don’t tell) and helping her grandfather and dad whenever possible. Kristin’s first steps were to her Grandfather at Mt.Morris Furniture. Which if you knew her – is very fitting. Kristin worked weekends during high school – often cleaning or filing papers. She also worked during breaks from college and has always had a love for the business.

Jacque Cope – Interior Decorator, 31 years of service
Jacque was recruited directly from R.I.T where she obtained a degree in Interior Design. She’s been there ever since. Jacque thinks of Louis as a second father – in fact, they even spend some Holiday’s together. Jacque marvels at Louis’s enthusiasm for the business and the industry in general after all these years.

Nancy Vogt – Accounting Manager, 39 years of service
Nancy remembers folding envelopes for Mary and Sam Bozzette when she was 10 or 11 years old. She has been there through all of the growth and takes great pride in what the store is today. Nancy is truly a member of the Mt.Morris family.

Leo Faulds – Warehouse & Delivery, 39 years of service
Leo’s father was the Warehouse Manager over 39 years ago. Leo started helping his dad in the warehouse on weekends and after school when he was just 14 years old. Upon graduating high school, Leo immediately joined the warehouse staff and has been there ever since. Leo is one of the most dependable, honest & sincere members of the staff. Leo can’t imagine ever doing anything else.

Cher Swarts – Office Manager, 16 years of service
Cher has worked at Mt.Morris Furniture all these years because she truly feels like she’s part of the family. She said she’s always been respected and treated like family – and she appreciates that.

Brian Fly – Warehouse Manager, 3 years of service
Brian started working weekends with his brother when he was still in high school. He sometimes carpools to work with his Mom, Peggy who works in the main office at Mt.Morris Furniture.
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